CBFORTE帮助客户通过Salesforce.com获得最佳用户体验, 我们帮助您使Salesforce不仅仅是CRM的平台,而且还是一个经济高效,高效,高效的企业成员,具有最佳投资回报率的应用程序。 如果您是CRM新手或多年经验丰富并不重要。 我们帮助改善您的用户体验。 我们的方法是倾听客户的需求,与他们讨论,并根据客户要求提供最佳解决方案。 我们的实施计划,根据与客户讨论产生的计划进行任何更改,然后在Salesforce.com中专业执行这些计划,以高质量标准交付解决方案。

CBFORTE help customers obtain the best user experience with Salesforce.com We help you make Salesforce not just a platform for CRM, but also a cost-effective, efficient, productive and member of your enterprise, an application with best ROI. It doesn’t matter if you are new to CRM or experienced for years. We help to improve your user experience. Our approach is to listen to a customer’s needs, discuss with them, and provide the best solution according to the customer requirements. Our plan for implementation, making any changes according to plan which came out of discussions with the customer, and then professionally executing these plans in Salesforce.com, delivery the solution in the high-quality standard.